Day trading in an RV!

What’s up with everyone? OK. Well, I’m on the roof of the van, the camper, and we’ve set up the internet. This is another day of trading on the go, as well, using a few different internet sources.

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During this episode, I’ll break down the internet I use. I have my Starlink here, the SpaceX Starlink, and then I’ve got a mobile hotspot here. We will compare side-by-side which one is faster, which one is better for trading on the go.

For those of you, whether you’re trading in a camper like this or you’re just trading in a hotel room, your traveling trading station has different requirements than a home trading station.

What I put together is a PDF of my traveling trading station setup. That PDF includes, number one, equipment, number two, internet and then number three, strategy is important. I trade differently on my traveling trading station than when I’m at home, and that’s to reduce the added risks of trading while I’m traveling and to focus on the whole goal, which is to trade for an hour. , earn some money and then enjoy a vacation to help pay for the vacation.

This is the rig. This is the setup here. I’m going to bring up this… well, actually I’m going to leave them both here. I’ll keep it there and I’ve got solar here, so the good thing about this location is that I’ve got good exposure. This orients itself slightly north, so good exposure. The solar panel is charging and it only allows me to do my work for a short time. Now we are going to go down the stairs carefully.

exactly We go there. OK. I’ve taken a few showers here, so it’s not that bad. I mean kind of roughing it, but just kind of. Here’s a camper with a nice little car seat for my son and he’s rocking himself right now. This is a traveling trading station. It’s the same traveling trading station I’ve used all over Europe, various parts of the US, the Caribbean, everywhere else. Anyway, that PDF will break down the various tools I use in this traveling trading station.

Now let’s go ahead and jump to the screen. I’ll do a side-by-side comparison, and I’ll talk a little bit about the stocks I traded tonight. OK, let’s go to the screen.

OK. Now that we’ve got the screen, the first thing we’ll do is a speed test. Let’s do a good old fashioned speed test here and see what the internet is coming up with. This is first connected to SpaceX Starlink and let’s press go. OK. Right now, 37 ping, that’s good. 90, 100, 120, 130, 140, 150 megabits per second, we smoke. I mean this is amazing, and it’s a ping down for New York City. New York, New York. oh [inaudible 00:03:15] Probably sounds like a motorcycle. I do not know. Big truck. Big truck, I guess. The upload is 10, not exceptional, but it was good enough to be broadcast on YouTube this morning. Good enough to broadcast to Warrior All Access members, so that was cool.

I’m going to draw two things here. should First I’ll pull up my scanner, so let me log in here. Then when I do that, I’ll switch over to my Verizon hotspot and let’s see what the speed test is on the Verizon hotspot. OK. When it comes to UC, yes. exactly We are good there. Have I changed? It says I am, so let’s try another speed test on a Verizon hotspot now.

OK. Now we’re on Verizon and it’s going through Greenfield, Mass. I don’t know why it’s going there. It’s a long ways away, but okay. The ping is 145 milliseconds, so that’s significantly longer. Downloads are 10, 11 megabits per second. You can see, I mean obviously it’s not that fast where I am. I’m not on 5G. It says 4G, but I don’t think this is 4G. I mean it’s not really going that fast. Upload speed is slow.

Funny thing is yesterday when I was day trading, the campground I was at had good internet service. Internet was great, but I really wanted to use Starlink. There were too many trees, so Starlink didn’t work. I could not get a good connection. I drove into the Walmart parking lot. Walmart parking lot, Starlink was great, but I didn’t have 5G internet. I trade, trade mine, hold on a second. I did mine… you want me to open it?

I traded in the Walmart parking lot, and then I left. As soon as I hit the highway, which was half a mile away, my phone switched to 5G. It’s super fast on Verizon, but in the Walmart parking lot, I don’t have 5G. It was LTE only. Kind of weird, but I think it’s a nice thing to just have a backup that you have a fail safe. If one fails, you’ve got another, which is good if you’re in a trade and then just have the flexibility.

Okay, so let’s see. UC, interestingly this is what I traded today and outperformed it. Yesterday was a really big day. It’s had three big days in a row, but you can see it’s starting to pick up a bit now, which isn’t surprising. I mean, honestly, I thought it was going to be like a liquidation type event where we pop up and then we do a hard sell. That seems to be what is happening. Pre-market moves, selling during regular trading hours at high volume, is a telltale sign of liquidation.

In any case, he gave some good chances yesterday. We had a leading gap yesterday, which went up over 100%, and we had an amazing micro pullback there. Actually a five minute pullback, but somewhat premature. Really nice setup here and a little break there, false break, nasty whip, flush, back up, down, false break out and then sold out until 5:00 this morning when it started to back up. No, I will pass. I’ll have one in a bit.


Then, this morning, we had another move and this is where I traded it. We got this nice break right here, this squeeze up, a little pullback right here and a high move. At that point this morning, it was our second leading gap. We’re up 25, 22%, whatever. It was pretty obvious, but I was a little wary of it, trade it off with a smaller size. When we locked in, it made $632 in profit. All things considered a fairly small green day for me. I did not hit the daily goal, but at the same time I got green.

My whole goal with business and travel is to get green and turn it off and enjoy the day. I don’t want to sit here until three and four in the afternoon. It defeats the whole purpose. Right? I don’t want to do that. 650, not a bad day, which pays for another day of being out on the road. That’s more than enough to fuel this puppy here, so I’m fine with that. Yes, it’s just a good feeling. It’s a great feeling of self-reliance to be able to hit the road, make some money and then do your thing.

I don’t like taking vacations. I love going places, but not working. Everyone is different. For those who are digital, make their money online, digital nomads, whether you have an online business or whatever, many people are doing it now, it seems so easy to work for an hour or two a day, and so why not? Why not? It gives me a feeling that I have done something, I have achieved something. I achieved my goal. It just feels good. I mean, I’m not saying it’s not good to disconnect and take a vacation sometimes, but eventually if you can create a lifestyle that gives you a sense of purpose where your work is, and then you can put it aside completely. And then enjoy the rest of the day without working, then that’s a pretty healthy work life balance.

I mean it looks pretty solid to me. Not always able to do that, but anyway, so yeah. UC, oh, and ISIG, this popped up on a scan, getting up this morning. Got a little trade on it, but only made… well, I was green and then gave back some profit, but $16, whatever. It’s not really noticeable. Anyway, that’s it for me to trade at a traveling trading station in a camper using Starlink. OK. If you’d like to see another video of mine talking about trading with Starlink, I’ll probably put a link to it right here so you can check it out. I’ll see you for the next episode.