Day trading with SpaceX Starlink

What’s up with everyone? OK. Well, I’m day trading with Starlink in a Walmart parking lot in upstate New York, near the Adirondack Mountains. And so here’s the thing, the last time I was traveling and doing business, I was just using my mobile hotspot.

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And I thought to myself, depending on only one source on the Internet, that’s not great. The fact is, today I am trading $1,400. And I don’t want, the fact that I only have three bars versus four bars of service, the difference between making $1,400 or zero on the day. So I got a backup. And boy, the backups are amazing. It’s Starlink and I’ve got it up here on the roof. I have a verizon hotspot next to it. Now. We will do a speed test comparison. And actually in the description below, I’ll put a link to this PDF that I put together.

The PDF has three sections. The first section is on equipment for my traveling trading station. Second section is on internet and third section is on strategy. The strategy I use when I’m trading on a traveling trading station with this type of internet. OK. So you can check it below. Now, what you’ll notice in the speed test comparison is that, by far, Starlink is faster, but I think it’s good to have a backup because it’s always possible that Starlink won’t work either. So for example, last night, the campground I was at had a lot of trees. And so I couldn’t get Starlink to work, but I had pretty good cellphone service. So I was able to at least use the internet, stream and do emails and watch some shows and stuff like that just using the hotspot.

This morning, I came down here at about 6:30 because I thought I’d like to be able to charge the batteries with the solar panels. Big open parking space, I think Starlink will work better, and it does. But you’ll have to check out the Starlink map, the information of which I have in PDF. I have a map there, so you can check it out. You’ll have to check that, because if I come to a Walmart outside of the Starlink service coverage area, it won’t actually work. So, you have to do some legwork, but all things considered, it’s not that bad. So, let’s get inside the camper.

I have my bike, mounted on the back here, this thing, that thing is fun. OK. So Starlink, all these cables here, gives you a lot of cables. I just put it on the ceiling. So no one drives it, but I might put it next to the car. And then I have Starlink’s own modem here, so you get a little wireless router here, and I have a wireless network that covers the van. My son walks here. This is our boy’s journey. But I said, “I have to do some business in the morning.” Hey, I gotta pay for this boy’s trip somehow. So we’re doing a little business here in the Walmart parking lot, and I thought I’d make this video for you guys. Let me put on my glasses. exactly

So let’s go ahead and do a speed test comparison. OK. So we’re going to start with, well, whoever I’m attached to right now, which is probably Starling, because she was the faster of the two. OK. I’m going to go to and confirm. I am connected to my network, it is SpaceX Starling. exactly So, we will say, “Go.” And let’s see where we’re coming from. Right now we’re coming in at one hundred sixty, one hundred seventy nine megabits per second. smoking. Now listen, when I was learning how to trade back in Vermont on DSL, the internet was like seven, eight megabits per second. Now you’re not going to make more money or be a more successful trader, as fast as the internet is, it’s not, but you need a certain base level to get market data and things streaming and not lagging behind.

And this is more than that. And the ping is only 34 milliseconds. It’s not bad, and it’s New York, New York, where… well, most of the data centers are actually in New Jersey, but anyway, it’s good. exactly It is a fantastic speed test. And this morning, I was broadcasting live on YouTube, on Facebook, sending the broadcast out, sending the broadcast to all members, Warrior Pro all access members, no problem. And this is the dream, at least with everything you do… Day trading is just one of those things you can do from anywhere, as I’m sure you well know. But the fact that you can do this from literally anywhere is made possible not only by mobile hotspots, but now by Starlink. This is really, really fast. So let’s go ahead and let me see if I can finally connect. See, I was having trouble connecting to Verizon before. Let’s see, I’m going to refresh this page.

OK. So now I’m on Verizon. exactly And my phone is still showing three bars. It’s looking for a great server. exactly This is already taking longer than expected. hi And I think I want to buy some wine. exactly Interesting. So right now, okay, so we’re at 56 milliseconds of ping. It is not offensive. The download speed is eight megabits, so we’re going slow. Is it possible to check your email? Absolutely. Can I trade on it? Yes, and I have before. Can I stream YouTube on it? Upload speed, two megabits per second, three megabits per second, four, five, six, that’s even better, seven. OK. It is eight. exactly It’s very unusual that your uploads exceed your downloads, it’s at nine. But it’s not terrible. Certainly, I’ve seen worse.

So, I think for me, it’s good to have a backup. But here’s the thing, I wanted to add AT&T, because I’ve noticed that some areas I’ll be traveling to have AT&T coverage and not as good on Verizon. And by the way, all this is integrated into a PDF. So that’s the pdf on the traveling trading station, whether you’re RVing or traveling, however you’re traveling, we’re going to go through the tools that I use for the traveling trading station. So tools, we’ll talk about the internet, and then we’ll talk about strategy. So you guys can check below link for that. But the thing is, like a $40, $50 a month subscription to AT&T for a hotspot, they do a credit check and I have a credit hold.

I put a freeze on my credit, because someone tried to apply for a small business loan of a hundred grand or whatever. So all my credit is frozen. So, you can’t do a credit check on me and they’re like, “No, sorry.” And I’m like, “This is like $40, $50 a month. are you kidding me You’re doing a credit check for that?” You don’t have to do a credit check when you sign up for HBO streaming or Netflix or whatever. But some of these legacy companies, like cell phone companies and DirecTV, aren’t what they were back then. So with Starlink, you can pay on the website and then you have a monthly subscription. I think it’s $125 or $135 a month. I’m not in any affiliate, so do whatever you want, but it’s not that expensive and it has No credit checks. You just do it and then you can pause it, I think, at any time.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy to have it at least as a backup and we’ll see where I end up tonight. Maybe the internet on my phone will be really good and I’ll be fine, maybe if I have 5G, I’ll be like, “Okay, that’s good. I can use 5G. But here, Verizon is not so strong. So, when it comes to strategy, for me and the whole idea of ​​trading and traveling is to trade for as short a time as possible just to make some money and then go and enjoy the rest. of the day

So Gap and Go for me is a micro pullback on breaking news, and that’s a strategy that I break down for you in that PDF. So check it out and I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little episode of day trading in the Walmart parking lot and day trading with Starlink. OK. I’ll see you for the next episode. And hey, if you want to check out another one, I’ll put a recommendation for one of my popular videos here. OK. So check it out.

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